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Golf Carts

 Premium Golf Carts at Standard Golf Cart Pricing

All of our Custom Club Car carts include new lithium batteries that carry an eight year warranty. The lithium batteries require no maintenance, have a 25-30 mile run time and charge fully in three hours. All of our custom electric carts come with a six month parts and labor warranty and gas carts come with a three month parts and labor warranty.

To assist you with your research, we would like to point out some of the key features of our Custom Golf Carts.

Cart Reconditioning Process: We perform a detailed reconditioning process on every golf cart we sell.  Our certified technicians are highly skilled in both the mechanical and electrical components of golf carts, and each technician completes a multi-point check list during the inspection.  In order to perform a comprehensive inspection, we break the carts down to the frame and replace any part that is worn or not functioning like new as we build your custom cart.  We welcome our customers into our build area and are happy to show you any part of the process or answer any questions about the build process.  It is important to buy a reconditioned cart from a dealer that invests the time in inspecting and replacing mechanical parts, rather than just focusing on cosmetic parts.  Our carts are like new both mechanically and cosmetically when we complete our build.  


Custom-Painted Bodies: We offer custom-painted bodies on all of our carts in any color you choose. These bodies are sanded, primed, base coated, clear coated, wet-sanded, buffed and polished. We use automotive grade PPG paint and multiple layers of clear coat to ensure that our painted bodies are top-notch and show car quality. 

LED Lights/USB Charging Port: We use high quality LED lights on both the front head lights and rear tail lights of the cart. Our front head lights come with a high and low beam as well as running lights.  A USB Charging Port is on every cart so you can charge your cell phone while riding. 

Axle Lift Kit: We use high quality lift kits on our carts. We use axle lifts, not basic spindle lifts. The axle lifts are more stable than a spindle lift and will significantly reduce body roll.  All of our Custom Club Car carts will have a Dual A-Arm Axle Lift.  This will provide the best front suspension and increased ride quality compared to all other brands.  We believe in building the safest cart possible for you and your family, and one that provides the most enjoyable ride quality.


Premium Rear Flip Seats: We use the top-of-the-line rear flip seats on our carts, not the standard steel rear seat you see on most carts.  Our rear flip seats include arm rests with built-in cup holders and a rear grab bar. We also offer additional rear options including a drop-in cooler, golf bag attachment, claw attachment, fishing rod holder, and a tow hitch.  Our rear seat foot plate and grab bar fold up to minimize the space required to store your cart in your garage or storage space.  

Custom Stitched Seats:  All of our carts have custom stitched seat covers.  You will be able to pick your custom painted body color as well as your custom seat color.  Having custom stitched seat covers makes your cart stand out from the others.  Our seats are made with marine grade vinyl, so they will provide great long term durability.  

Custom Audio with Subwoofer:  We know you want our carts to sound as good as they look.  All of our custom carts will include blue tooth, waterproof audio with a subwoofer.   We worked with sound engineers to create our own unique audio system for our golf carts. When you compare our audio to any others in the market we are sure you will hear the difference.  We strategically placed the speakers in the body of the cart and created our own subwoofer that we install inside the battery compartment.  Unlike sound bars and bagwell subwoofers, our audio system was designed to give a full range of sound to each passenger in the cart.  We also take it one step further by offering full waterproof speakers which are better than marine grade speakers.


Lithium Ion Batteries:  We are an Authorized Dealer for Eco Lithium Batteries and Advanced Li Lithium Batteries, and all of our carts come equipped with new batteries. 

Excellent Customer Service:  We believe customer service is the foundation of a successful business, and we take care of our customers before, during and after the sale. Our goal is to simplify the purchase and ownership of a golf cart.  We offer the nicest, most unique custom carts at the best price.




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