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                              Main Warehouse
120 Old Bear Creek Pike Columbia TN 38401

                   Showroom / Design Center
126 Seaboard Lane Suite 101 Franklin TN 37064

Store Hours
Monday           9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday           9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday         9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday                9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday         9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday            Closed

Please contact us if you need any additional information.

Nashville Powersports

Tel: 931-981-9003

Gallatin TN Custom Golf Carts

Nashville Powersports is your ultimate destination for custom golf carts in Gallatin. If you're looking to cruise the streets in style and comfort, our selection of street legal Club Car golf carts and street legal Advanced EV golf carts is sure to impress. At our dealership, we specialize in creating personalized and customized golf carts that reflect your unique tastes and preferences.

Whether you're exploring the town or running errands, our customized golf carts provide a safe and legal way to get around while adding a touch of individuality to your cart. Discover the joy of driving a one-of-a-kind golf cart that stands out from the crowd. Let us help you find the perfect street legal golf cart that meets all necessary regulations and complements you in Gallatin.

Gallatin Custom Club Car Carts

At Nashville Powersports we aim to produce top custom Club Car golf carts for Gallatin, TN. Our extensive selection of street legal custom golf carts is designed to elevate your transportation experience, combining style, functionality, and devotion to safety regulations. Here's what sets our custom Club Car golf carts apart:

  • Street Legal Golf Carts: Our custom Club Car golf carts are carefully crafted to meet all necessary regulations, ensuring they are safe and legal for street use in designated areas.

  • Personalized Designs: Express your unique tastes and preferences with our range of customization options, creating a one-of-a-kind golf cart that reflects your individual style.

  • Premium Quality: Club Car golf carts are renowned for their durability and reliability, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride around town.

  • Convenience and Comfort: Equipped with modern amenities and comfortable seating, our custom Club Car golf carts make transportation within the town a blast!

Experience the thrill of driving a custom Club Car golf cart that's exclusively yours, adding a touch of elegance and individuality to the charming streets of Gallatin. Explore our customization options and embrace the joy of driving a street legal custom golf cart that stands out from the rest.

Custom Club Car Golf Cart.jpg
Advanced EV Golf Carts .jpg

Gallatin Advanced EV Golf Carts

Introducing the new Advanced EV golf carts at Nashville Powersports, serving Gallatin, TN - your gateway to a revolutionary transportation experience. Our golf carts redefine mobility, combining innovation, style, and sustainability to provide the ultimate driving cart. Here's what makes our Advanced EV golf carts stand out:

  • Street Legal Golf Carts: Our Advanced EV golf carts are thoughtfully designed to comply with all necessary regulations, making them safe and legal for street use in Gallatin and surrounding areas, where legally allowed.

  • • Customization Options: Express your individuality with our selection of customization choices, tailor your Advanced EV golf cart to suit your unique style.

  • • Durability: Built to last, our Advanced EV golf carts boast exceptional durability, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting performance for your daily travels.

  • • Comfort: Equipped with modern amenities and comfortable seating, our custom golf carts provide convenience and relaxation during your city explorations.

Experience the perfect harmony of durability and comfort with our Advanced EV golf carts, offering a stylish and efficient mode of transportation for all your needs.

Custom Golf Carts for Our Gallatin Customers


Our custom golf carts are thoughtfully designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride while adhering to all necessary safety and legal requirements. Highlighting these key features, our custom golf carts ensure a premium driving experience:

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Enjoy a powerful and efficient ride with our advanced Lithium-Ion batteries, providing reliable performance and long-lasting power for your custom golf cart.

  • Impressive Warranty: Rest assured with our two-year parts and labor warranty, protecting your investment and instilling confidence in the quality of your custom golf cart.

  • Eco-Friendly Performance: Embrace sustainability with our eco Lithium-Ion batteries, backed by an eight-year warranty, reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying an extended battery life.

  • Custom-Painted Bodies: Each cart body undergoes a meticulous customization process, from sanding and priming to base coating, clear coating, wet-sanding, buffed, and polished. The result is a flawless and head-turning finish that reflects your unique style.

  • Detailed Reconditioning Process: Every cart undergoes a comprehensive reconditioning process, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability for your peace of mind.

  • Certified Technicians: Our dedicated and certified technicians complete a multi-point checklist during each inspection, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety for your custom golf cart. Experience the joy of driving a custom golf cart that perfectly suits your needs, adding a touch of sophistication to your journeys with unrivaled durability and comfort.

Events and Restaurants to Visit in a Custom Golf Cart

Gallatin, Tennessee, is a vibrant town that offers a delightful blend of dining experiences and exciting events for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you're a food enthusiast or seeking entertainment, Gallatin has something to satisfy every taste and interest. Immerse yourself in the local dining scene and partake in the town's lively events that showcase its unique culture and community spirit. Here are some must-visit restaurants and events.

Restaurants to Visit on Your Street Legal Golf Cart:

  • Crescent City Po'Boys: Indulge in authentic New Orleans flavors with delicious po'boys, gumbo, and beignets, bringing the taste of the Big Easy to Gallatin.

  • The Chop House: Treat yourself to a fine dining experience with high-quality steaks, seafood, and a variety of upscale dishes in a cozy ambiance.

  • The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Café: Enjoy a charming café atmosphere offering delectable sandwiches, salads, and delightful desserts, including their signature chocolate-covered strawberries.

Events to Attend on Your Street Legal Custom Golf Cart:

  • Main Street Festival: Embrace the lively atmosphere of the annual Main Street Festival, featuring local artisans, live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities.

  • Sumner County Fair: Join in the fun at the Sumner County Fair, celebrating the area's agricultural heritage with rides, games, live entertainment, and a variety of fair food.

  • Rock Castle Fest: Immerse yourself in history at the Rock Castle Fest, a celebration of the historic Rock Castle with live music, traditional crafts, and tours of the historic mansion.

Whether you're savoring the culinary delights or immersing yourself in the town's vibrant events, Gallatin offers a memorable and enriching experience for all. Hop on your customized golf cart from Nashville Powersports and explore the charming streets of Gallatin with ease and style.

Nashville Custom Golf Cart Sales.jpg

Contact Our Gallatin Custom Golf Cart Team Today


Nashville Powersports takes pride in offering an extensive selection of custom golf carts in Gallatin, TN, that cater to individual styles and preferences while ensuring adherence to safety and legal standards. Whether you choose our custom Club Car golf carts or opt for the cutting-edge Advanced EV golf carts, our vehicles offer a perfect combination of durability and comfort for a smooth and enjoyable ride.


With advanced Lithium-Ion batteries, custom-painted bodies, and meticulous inspections, our golf carts guarantee exceptional performance and reliability. Clinch the thrill of driving a personalized street legal golf cart that stands out from the crowd and explore the vibrant city of Gallatin with ease and elegance. Whether you're exploring the local dining scene or attending lively events, Gallatin offers a wonderful blend of culinary delights and cultural experiences for all to enjoy. Contact us today! 931-981-9003

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