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Our Service Department

How will I maintain my cart?

When you invest in a custom golf cart, you want to know that top notch service is just a phone call away. With our advanced service department, you can rest assured that we have multiple ways to keep your cart running smoothly. 


Mobile Service Technicians


We offer mobile service, which can address most maintenance needs and concerns at the convenience of your home. Simply call to schedule an appointment, and our mobile service technician will come to your home to assess, service, and repair your cart on site if possible.


Service Facility


Should your cart need more specialized attention, we offer a full service facility located in Columbia, Tennessee. We also offer the option to have your cart picked up by our service technicians, repaired, and returned to you. 


Annual Service Agreement


We offer an annual service agreement for our customers. This will provide annual maintenance for your cart through our mobile service technicians, and will offer discounts on parts and labor for any repairs or upgrades. Check back for more information. 

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