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Annual Service 


Annual Service Agreement

What is an  Annual Service Agreement?

We are always striving to provide the greatest value to customers.

This service agreement includes two on-site inspections and basic maintenance of your golf cart during the term of the agreement. Our NPS Mobile Service technicians will come to your location at a scheduled  time that is convenient for you to inspect and carry out basic maintenance on your cart. Technicians will also make repair recommendations upon inspection. Contract holders will also be offered priority service and a nice 20% discount on parts and labor for any additional needed/recommended repairs.


What do the Inspections Include?


These inspections include checking items such as:

  • Wheel Bearings

  • Steering Components

  • Bushings

  • Electrical 12V Accessories

  • Tire Wear

  • All Lights

  • and more....


Service Items Included in Agreement

  • Test Drive

  • Lubricate Joints

  • Test Charging System

  • Apply Ba ery Terminal Protection (if lead acid)

  • Clean Batteries & Corrosion(if lead acid)

  • and more....

Keep Your New Golf Cart Maintained 

To learn more about our Annual Service Agreement and for pricing, please contact us today! We want to make sure your cart is well maintained and in good working condition.


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